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Poly Deer Fence

4ft to 10ft Fence (8ft optimal deer fence height)
Hex Wire Fence
maximum duty perimeter poly deer fence.


  • Material: 100% polypropylene
  • Mesh size: 1 7/8 inch x 1 7/8 inch
  • Color: carbon Black
  • Life Expectancy: 20+ years
  • Additional info: UV resistant, low visibility

Heavy Duty Welded Wire Fence

heavy duty rodent control metal fence. Recommened for bottom fence with our installation method for areas with moderate to heavy snow accumulation.


  • Height: 3ft
  • Thickness: 14 gauge
  • Mesh Design: 2 inch x 2 inch
  • Material: Welded metal wire
  • Color: Black

Deer Fence Systems

We provide a humane deer fencing solution!

Deer Fence Systems installed by Deer Solutions - provides a humane and virtually invisible barrier that keeps deer out of gardens, nurseries, vineyards, and orchards, and away from trees, shrubs, farms, municipal parks, golf courses, busy roads, and so much more. We use heavy duty Deer Fencing products, which are the longest lasting, most durable and strongest products available. Our Deer Fence Systems are a safe and cost effective alternative to chemicals and electrical products.


  • Posts are heavy duty, made from galvanized steel, installed on acceptor pipes and anchored 30-42” into the ground with brace wedges for superior strength and stability.
  • We use black metal cable wire at the bottom, top and middle of the fence system to keep the fence taut and contoured to the ground.
  • At the bottom of the fence we can add metal hex fencing to prevent rodent damage to the bottom of the fence.
  • Fastening materials are heavy duty galvanized hog ring clips and 11 inch black ties.
  • Installation techniques ultimately vary based on a case by case basis.
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