Deer Solutions
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Access Gates

4ft to 8ft

Access gates in all shapes and sizes can be used to provide ease of access and to completely secure an area.

Driveway Gates & Grates

6ft to 8ft (Single and Dual)

To completely secure an area and to allow vehicle access we use custom Driveway Gates and Grates.

Access Gates and Grates

Gates and Grates, of all sizes and models, are used in order to provide easy access and to provide ultimate protection against deer and other wildlife. Driveway gates or driveway grates are made from high quality steel and match the fencing system. This offers extra protection, easy access and the gates are visually appealing.


  • Our experienced professionals will locate the best position for your driveway grate
  • Access gates are customized to fit your specific fencing system needs.
  • Driveway gates can be automated.
  • Fastening materials are heavy duty galvanized hog ring clips and 11 inch black ties.
  • We use the most effective and visually appealing design in deer proofing your driveway.
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